Tips to Help you Pick out the Right Location

Tips to Help you Pick out the Right Location

There are different types of photographers; some enjoy working in a controlled environment while others enjoy working in the great outdoors. Working in a studio has a number of advantages, and it helps the team control all variables, but the flipside is that these photos always look staged or worked on. To rid of this appearance is why some photographers love working in the great outdoors and with nature; although the pictures are exquisite, there are a number of variables that need to be taken into account and managed to get the perfect picture. Here we will essentially focus on helping you pick the right location by giving you some tips to manage these variables.

One of the core variables that need to be taken into account is timing. Timing is everything when it comes to outdoor photography. Unlike indoor studios, photographers are dependent on outdoor lighting to aid them in their efforts to capture the perfect image. Timing also accounts for background activity that can easily throw off even the best of models and photographers. So scout your location and figure out when there is perfect lighting and figure out what sort of activities take place in the location during the course of the day. You may end up picking late noon as the ideal time for your photo shoot, but if there is a ferry going across at the exact time, all your plans can be thrown off because of how easily everyone gets distracted.

The second major concern is privacy. You can quickly go from just having your crew to having a crowd gathered to see what is happening. Privacy is especially a concern if you or your model is famous; we can’t emphasise how quickly popularity can throw a spanner into the works of your well thought out plan. The other minor concern is not being able to get the perfect picture due to some head popping up in the background. There are two ways to solve this issues; one is to request a complete closing of the site to accommodate the shoot or to pick a location that is closed off from people wandering around.

The final and one of the most important tips that we wish to leave you with is choice of clothing. If the location you choose is going to be windy, there is no point picking clothes for your model that is designed for a black-tie event. Cater to the needs of the environment while picking out attires for the shoot.

David N. Clark