5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Photography

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Photography

Use suitable equipment

This may sound banal, but take the time to check your equipment in good to go beforehand. Is the battery full? Does the camera work properly? Is everything clean? These things are helpful and save you a lot of frustration.
For shootings: a plastic bag, a microfiber cloth, and a flashlight. With the bag, i protect my camera from rain or use it as a base. With the cloth, i keep my camera clean. I often use the flashlight to create significant effects or to illuminate my subject.

A suitable location

Before i get started taking pictures, i think about the location. Where exactly do my pictures come from? What is the light like there? Do i need to bring additional equipment with me? You should answer these and other questions in advance.

Bamboo paper. With this app, you can capture your shots in a digital notebook by inserting images, drawing and taking notes. The app is available for free for android and ios. Small drawback: the ios variant can only be used on the ipad.

Use the sun and daylight

The sun plays a vital role in exterior shots. Take the time before you start and take a look at the position of the sun. A useful tool is the ephemerides of photographers. This will reduce the risk on the ground of the sun being obscured by buildings or other things. You can use the website or download the paid app on your smartphone.

Use existing light sources and flashlights

You don’t always need external flash devices or additional light devices. For a small shoot, a good led flashlight or small lamp is enough. A practical tool is folding reflectors. This allows you to transfer the existing daylight or another light source to your subject. For my work, i like to use delamax’s folding reflectors. Due to the different coating, i can produce warm and cool light. A model costs just under 23 euros. You can find a small impression of how this works here.

Use image editing features while recording

Image editing doesn’t begin after the shoot. With adobe photoshop express, you can make the first changes while you’re taking photos. The app brings simple features, such as softening or sharpening. I think that’s my personal thoughts because too many settings distort and make things appear “broken.” the set of effect filters and frames can be used to conjure up real eye-catchers. Photoshop express is free and available for android and ios. However, i am disturbed by one small thing: functions such as noise reduction or self-triggers have to be purchased as an additional package.

David N. Clark